This blog was created by me, a Bend resident and student at Portland State University MSW program.

I hope this resource is helpful for people who are interested in learning more about our community, anyone who is interested in making a positive change in a sustainable way, and specifically I hope that this resource may serve as a guide for any person who finds themselves with something to share or a need to be filled.

Please feel free to leave me comments, questions, or feedback.

How to use this blog…

All posts are categorized, you may search for resources by choosing a category and then clicking on the resource you are interested in.  You may also scroll to the bottom of the page and search resources by clicking on a tag that describes the type of resource you are looking for.  Lastly you may search the blog by using the search bar to find resources or key words.

Have an asset to share?

Please leave a comment here if you have a personal, group, or professional asset to share with our community and include contact information or a link.

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