Central Oregon Locavore

Central Oregon Locavore (click here for link)

Welcome to Central Oregon Locavore:
 Central Oregon’s Year-Round Online Farmer’s Marketplace
locavore: one who eats only locally grown or raised food, from local + endingabstracted from carnivore , etc., ult. from L. vorare  “to devour”

Help Us Grow….
Central Oregon Locavore has worked hard for 2 years to bring you farm, fresh & locally-produced products. We have done this as a service to our community and do not currently make any profit (or get paid.) You have expressed your desire to see a larger, centralized food hub to help meet the needs of our community and we now need your help to create a community headquarters for the local food movement that will house a local food marketplace, our many educational programs, classes, workshops & information of all kinds.We need community support to make this dream a reality!